Friday, August 28, 2009

The organic product!

Finally friends we see the finished page in its completion! It's been a strange journey bringing Super Thing from the insomnia inspired sketch book comic to the computer screen but now that its over I can sit back and enjoy it. I wold really love to show you the rest, but due to submission standards I cannot. When its published I think then will be the right time to post a link and then would be the right time for you to read it.
I am also in the process of creating both a facebook and myspace fan page for our little green super buddy and those links will be posted when I get them up! So, I hope you've enjoyed watching a bit of comic art come to life from mere sketches to pencils to inks to colors and words! Also, feel free to tell your friends that you're going super green and that they should too!
thank you all!-chuckHarrison

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update of Green!

Hello friends, I've been meaning to write a bit here and tell you of all the wonderful progress that has been achieved. And here I am doing just that. So, what have I been doing in the last month and a half or so in regaurds to this comic?

I just finished the inks on page six and only have two more pages to go until the coloring starts. The coloring should only take a few days and then the lettering which will only take a matter of hours. Then the comic shall be complete and I will be sending it off to people who might want to print it. Who knows? I can promise you this dear and constant reader, that if indeed Super Thing is not picked up for publication, I will throw it all here for anyone to read who wants to for free.

And heck, if there becomes some strange demand by you and your friends for more than I will gladly oblige such bizarre requests and produce more of the comic!

But before I go, a little note about the art work on this site. I know alot of you come to this thing thinking that it's some kind of strange and wonderful comic book development blog of sorts, and well, it is. I know it is. At least my heart tells me so, but what I'm trying to convey is that alot of you wonder why so little art work is posted. It's mostly just alot of words like this here post and as sorry as I am about it I only want to offer this brief if not almost fake explanation to you:

Since the start of this online information channel I only decided to post the first page in its completion along with some character sketches. So far I've shown you the pencils and the inks along with said sketches. Soon I will show you the colors. Just think, I've only shown you page one, there are still seven other pages that have to go thru the same process. Top that with several other comics projects and well, I think you can understand the lapse in the time space vortex that is computer comics publication.

I think I should go now, this rant has proceeded to its stopping point at the foot of my bed.